Well, winter weather is here.  There's lots going on.  There are more dogs needing help than we can even imagine.  First, a reminder--Please protect your animals from Halloween mischief.  This is not the time to let down your protective guard.

Now, an update on Trooper, the little Great Dane mix thrown from the back of a pickup.  He did very well through his surgery and is healing nicely.  He has a foster after this weekend until his transport Nov. 11.  Thank you, Kelli.  You are much appreciated.  Trooper's adoptive mom is in Waveland, MS.  Kathleen adopted a Lebanon Pound chocolate Lab from me years ago, so we've been friends quite some time.  She has since moved to MS where she is active in helping Katrina victims put their lives back together.  She also is helping orphaned Katrina canines.  Trooper and Route 66 Rescue Inc. have a Weebly website.  Please take a minute to like the site for us.  http://route66rescueinc.weebly.com    Also, please like us on FB.  Thanks a bunch.

We still have dogs in boarding which is better than where they were, but not ideal.  Please search your heart and if at all possible, foster a dog until his forever family adopts him.  Chance is a 4-month-old pup who, with his sister, Bella, was abandoned in a ditch by a busy road.  He is shy and has lots to learn.  He needs a safe place with people who have time to work with him and convince him he is loved.  Bella was adopted, and she is adjusting nicely with her forever family.  Her new mastiff brother has already taught her to play.  Please, someone, give this gift to Chance.

Yoshi, the sweet little fawn chihuahua needs a foster.  This little guy was seen out in a field for several weeks until he was finally trapped and taken inside.  How he survived, I have no idea.  Yoshi doesn't take up much room, and he certainly doesn't make any noise.  He has a wonderful disposition, and deserves a much better life than he has had.  He has requested a foster home with someone who would like to carry him around and sit with him all day.  He's a lovebug.

Jasmine has a foster home!  Thank you, thank you, thank you, Lynn.  I know that little girl is so happy to be out of a kennel and able to go outside anytime she wants to.  Lynn is a long-time rescuer who has lots of work with shy and backward dogs under her belt.  Jasmine went to the adoption day Saturday, and it was obvious how close she is to coming out of her shell.  She pressed against the kennel to let the Boy Scouts pet her!  For those of you who followed her story from starving, to trapped, to scared to death, to pressing close for children to pet, I think you will agree, she is on her way!

It's heartbreaking that Armstrong AKA Tucker had to go back to boarding from his fantastic foster home.  He dug under the chain link, and we couldn't take a chance that something would happen to this darling boy if he got out again.  He needs a home with a privacy fence.  Tucker came around very fast, and it was amazing to see him in the house with impeccable manners.  He walks well on a leash and is a wonderful boy.  Please help me get him out of a kennel.  He is not happy there.

Whisper is the little Doberman or minpin mix boy who can go over a chain link fence.  He's a bit shy when he first meets a person, but a treat is all it takes to win him over.  He's fine with other dogs his size and larger.  He plays too hard for little ones.  This beautiful boy walks well on a leash.  He loves children and ignores cats.  He needs a family to keep him safe until he is adopted.

MacTavish and Peppers are wire-hair boys  Mac is in boarding, and he so wants his own family and would love to have another dog or two to play with.  He is not crazy about younger children.  Peppers was taken in from the rain but cannot stay where he is.  He is full of energy and a fun-loving boy.  These two dogs are young and energetic.  Each is desperately in need of a family to teach him what he needs to know and to keep him safe until he is adopted.

There is a mother dog and five puppies who have been living in a state park in Taneyville.  Campers fed the mom, then her puppies this summer, but now the park has closed.  We think mom is a corgi mix.  The puppies are around 8 weeks old.  If you are able to foster mom or the puppies, or even one puppy, please contact me.

This Saturday is Make a Difference Day.  Won't you consider making a big difference in the life of a homeless dog?  You can see pictures of all but Yoshi, the mother dog, and puppies on Petfinder for Route 66 Rescue Inc.  If you do not live in the SW MO area, please make a difference for a dog where you live.  Everyone can do something--rescue, adopt, foster, donate.  We can make a difference, one dog at a time.

The Meet and Greet Saturday at Tractor Supply was fun.  Bella and Emma were adopted, and all of the dogs got lots of attention.  We will definitely be doing more Meet and Greet events depending on the weather.  Thanks so much for all who came and brought your fosters, then pitched in to help talk with people about the dogs.  Thanks, Marti, for taking dogs back to boarding so they had the opportunity to be there at least a few hours.

I hope you've been thinking about what you want to get rid of around your home that can go into the scrap metal drive.  November 2nd is the date for pickup, but we haven't decided for sure where we will park on the 3rd.  Since the scrapyard closes early on Saturday, we will be picking up large items on Friday, then, on Saturday the truck and trailer will be available from 8:00 to 10:00 for drop offs.  We hope we need a couple more pick ups, and a couple of strong guys to help William with the big items.  We have a gas stove, a treadmill, a semi engine to pick up, and many odds and ends that add up.  I snagged a bathtub yesterday.  Hard part was convincing Ron to put it on the back patio until the 2nd.  But he's a softie when it comes to the dogs.  Thank you all for helping make this drive a success, and especially thank you, Susan and William, for the idea and helping carry it off.  If you and your truck could be available and if you have large metal items to pick up, please get back to me as soon as possible.  route66rescue@yahoo.com   A huge thank you and much appreciation to all of you who make life easier for our homeless pups.

Be a Rescuer
Connie Foster 10/28/2012

What is a rescuer? Why would anyone spend that much money, give up that much time, and be oblivious to smelling like wet dogs and poop?

I'm often told, “I could never do what you do. I'd want to take them ALL home.” If there was ever a declaration that makes me do a double take, this is it.  How does this person think any rescuer feels? Does he see a steel robot who can walk into a pound and bypass the dogs that will die, then pick up the little cuties that are easily adoptable, and exit with a smile on his face? Doesn't the well-meaning, misguided speaker realize that the rescuer's heart is breaking and his crying never stops. Even when a wonderful furbaby soul is taken into a loving forever home and the heart sings, it never heals for the ones left behind.

Does the speaker think the rescuer likes playing God, passing the momma nursing sick puppies--babies that would infect the others back in the shelter and in foster homes? Playing God, passing the matted girl with runny eyes, who coughs and watches his movement with hollow eyes. This girl's backbone sticks up above the mats and she is wracked with canine influenza or kennel cough, both treatable, but also highly contagious. Playing God, bypassing the mixed breed cowering and growling in the corner. His lip is raised and his back feet shake with fear, but how damaged is he? How long will it take to rehabilitate him and make him adoptable? How can anyone know the heartache and guilt of passing the black Lab and tagging the yellow or chocolate one because there's a demand for one color over another? Guilt rides his insides because he made a solemn personal vow to never value one dog over another, but he also knows to save any in rescue, he must present one that is adoptable.

Not everyone can stand it in the trenches. Most rescuers never thought they could either. The difference is that they reached an epiphany. A simple reality. It's not about ME.  When a rescuer goes into the pound to choose who lives and who dies, it doesn't matter how much he cries, how much his heart breaks, or how many hours he lies awake in his own sleepless hell at night. It is about one thing—the dog he can save. That's it.

There's no me in rescue. Everyone has a place in rescue. You may not be the “in the trenches” rescuer, but consider the impact you can make by fostering, donating, or adopting. You may not do what I do, but for every dog I rescue, there is a lag time between his vetting and his forever home. He needs a foster who will help get him ready for adoption.

Everyone can donate. Offer to pay for one spay or neuter a month, take care of puppy shots for a litter of rescued babies, buy heartworm or flea protection for two dogs a month. Consider adding to your family. If you don't have a dog, think about the way pets enrich and lengthen our lives. If you have one dog, chances are good that a second one will give the resident dog a new lease on life, and it will certainly enhance the lives of the people in the family.  Rescue, adopt, foster, donate--everyone can do something.  Lives depend on you.


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