Dear Friends,

I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving.  Scary to think as soon as we turn around, Christmas will be here. 

Hopefully, the holidays are happy times for you, and hopefully we can make it happier for as many of our homeless furbabies as possible.Please consider a "gift" of a forever home, or even a foster home for one.

Route 66 Rescue has many dogs who still need forever homes.  Every one of the dogs mentioned as needing foster homes in the last newsletter still are homeless.  Whisper and Chance are in boarding and would love to have a foster home.  Living in a kennel is not fun, and these two guys are very young.  Inactivity is not normal for a kid!  They need guidance and love to help them develop into the good citizens they need to be for their forever families.

The scrap metal drive brought in several hundred dollars, and was a relatively easy way (for most of us, LOL) to help pay some bills.  A number of people have contacted me to say they have more metal, but they don't really want to "store" it until our spring drive.  If we had a huge load, we would turn it in anytime, but in lieu of a huge load, we are targeting a day in early spring to gather again and cash in.  Thanks so much for all the "donations" and the help.  William and Susan thank you, thank you, thank you.  Pat, thank you and your son-in-law again for the whole load you sent.

Does anyone have an empty shed, area in a barn, half of a garage, anyplace to store metal until we have enough to turn in again?  As you put the hose away, don't throw away the metal sprinkler, nozzle, hose holder that is broken, or doesn't work anymore.  If it's metal, it might pay for wormer for a stray puppy.   I thought I had cleaned out everything metal, and I already have a couple of metal file cabinets, an aluminum screen door, and some tins that had candles in them.  I don't really want to drive around with these things in the van until March, but I have no place to stash them, either.  If someone has a place, we could organize a list of people who would periodically pick up things and take them to store.  Please let me know if you can help with this, or if you have any better ideas.

We've had two Meet and Greets.  We adopted out two dogs, and put two in foster homes at each one.  We will have one more this year.  We will be at Tractor Supply Co. in Nixa again, and this time we will be inside.  It will be on Saturday, Dec. 8,  from 10:00 to 4:00.  We need two people to step up for Whisper and Chance so they will have the opportunity to meet people and show what great guys they are.  They will need a weekend foster to take them home after 4:00 Saturday and keep them until Mon. morning when the vet clinic opens.  Everyone with a foster dog, please come and help your little pal get his or her forever home.  Please have the dogs on a leash and halter, and it would be a good idea to bring a chair.  We need one person per dog, and anyone who can come and help, please let me know.  I will bring the dogs in boarding if we have weekend fosters, and I'll bring some of my fosters, so we will need help.

Trooper is safe and sound in Waveland, MS, and has quickly become a spoiled, much loved boy (pictured in picture insert above).  He uses his leg well, and we are so thankful we did not choose amputation for him.  We've had two more calls about dogs with critical injuries that no one was helping.  The first boy is a shepherd mix who had been shot in the face.  Some of the shot sites were infected and his nose was dripping blood and pus.  After X-rays to be sure his jaw was not broken, a ton of antibiotics, and with lots of TLC by his foster, Rambler is ready for adoption.  He is gentle and quiet.  He's fine with other dogs, and is housebroken.  He loves to lounge in his open kennel, and is finally at ease with his face being petted.  Thank you, Beth!

The second caller had a dog that a neighbor had shot.  She said it had happened four days before.  Yes, that's what she told me.  Four days ago a neighbor shot her dog's foot off.  Did I mention this was about 11:30 Thanksgiving Day?  After talking with her for awhile, we decided she would take the dog in to Dr. Germeroth, Friday morning.  I wasn't sure if she would do it, but by the time I got there Friday, she had taken him in.  The dog was not losing a foot, and he had been treated for infection.  This dog went back home, and the lady paid the bill.  Go figure.

What has the world come to that not only can people look the other way when an animal is in need, they intentionally injure or maim an innocent animal.  It is beyond my comprehension.  We still have quite a bill on Trooper's surgery and Rambler's emergency room visit if anyone is able to help with it.

Please remember as you winterize, antifreeze is lethal to pets.  It causes an excruciating death.  Guard your antifreeze as if you had small children in the house.

Happy Holidays.  Thank you for caring and for all you do to help us help the homeless.

One more time, please open your homes to one more pet if you can.  It's tough to be homeless, but it's agonizing to be homeless, cold, and hungry.  We get daily calls for help, and some days several.  There is such a need for a shelter.  If
anyone has any suggestions for fundraisers, please let me know.  We need land and money.  If anyone won the lottery tonight, congratulations, and please consider helping us get the shelter.


PS  If you get this twice, please let me know, and I'll take one off.  If you do not want to receive Route 66 Rescue news updates, tell me, and I will take off your name.

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